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Franchek Dressage

Cindy Franchek is a USDF Associate Instructor,  a USDF Silver Medalist and has competed in the FEI

“Dressage has been used by the military since early history, originating as a system of training horses in obedience and maneuverability in the battlefields. The mounted soldiers’ lives depended on their horse’s strength and ability to perform the intricate moves. The training system remains and has evolved into the Olympic discipline of dressage that we know today. On the path of this training, we have discovered that classical training of dressage is extremely beneficial to the well-being of the horse.”
– Cindy Franchek

Dressage is an art. Our emphasis is on the education of the rider and training the horse. Classical principles are followed allowing the student to create their own masterpiece.

Photo by Chris Waits.